Inspired by the continuous vengeance of a girls' dream, Our Company is an active subversion of the fashion business "standard". Whether she is try out style, music or sexual identity, the Our Company client can be seen strongly combating the greater power and unapologetically raising hell anywhere she goes. Here is where you will discover clothes motivation pulled from the digital Tumblr woman world, bad acid journeys, underground counterculture and elegant seamless gutter punks. Browse through the website and release your inner riot woman at an online shopping location unlike anywhere else.

Our dolls depict a state of mind of effortlessness in any design that have. They aren't restricted to one design - they want to check the limits these day’s society simply to keep things intriguing. She uses her beliefs on her tatted sleeves and values the important components of uniqueness. Her design is all her own and her negligent spirit shows her mind set and propensity for a world of mayhem.